Wedding Dress Accessories: Garters

Wedding DressGarters are the small bends of fabrics used to hold up and tight, the silk stockings and are frequently used as beauty enhancing elements to complement the bridal wears, by the brides on their wedding day. These beautiful bends have been historically acclaimed as beauty enhancers. Though their usage has been decreasing with the passing time, but their popularity as wedding dress accessories across the globe is still there. Not like the past when stockings were not elastic to hold by themselves and ladies needed help of garters to hold them up, in current times there are several reasons brides still like the garters.

There are several interesting stories associated with the garter such in early periods a groom in order to check the bride’s prestige as “well” and signal this to his groomsmen he needed a proof and this garter was supposed to be a great tool to do that, but that was not the all, with the passage of time the garter played the same role as a bouquet tossing, groomsman tried to catch the garter as luck for their wedding.

These days with new fashion trends and new styles of the weddings people have forgotten the classical styles but if you want to be a part of the historical traditions and add some fun to your big day you can go for a garter.

The rule for the selection of a garter for your wedding is that you should select a grater matching to the style and the colors of the brides dress, just like wedding lingerie. The ivory color selection of the garter with apricot flares on an ivory bridal dress and apricot bridesmaid’s dresses will be an ideal choice.

The blue is supposed to be a luck color and shows the loyalty of the bride for the groom, you can opt for blue colored bend with light shades of blue colored laces that will offer a great look plus you will be fulfilling an old tradition of having something in blue color.

You can easily grab a beautiful and stylish garter for your wedding dress from any wedding store. If you have missed to buy a garter at the time of shopping your most desired wedding dress than you can also try online wedding stores to grab a garter. It is advisable that you have with yourself some one more experienced while going for shopping your wedding dress accessories such a garter, anyone from your family or friends or even colleagues could help you select the most matching wedding outfit and matching accessories easily. Having company while shopping will also keep you relaxed which is much necessary for making right selections.

If you are looking for bridal wedding dresses, wedding dresses Winnipeg, flower girls dresses or the accessories such as veils, bends, bracelets or stunning looking garters then Athena couture is one stop solution for of your needs. At Athena Couture you can also browse through state of the art latest designer wedding outfits at much reliable rates.


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