5 Things you need for the perfect wedding

If you are planning a wedding and want it to go smooth and flawless, you need to keep an eye on these 5 things:

1.    Venue is important
It is true that the couple is getting married but when guests are invited, it has to be easier for them to get to the venue. Couple is going to get to the venue no matter what (no questions on that) but guests might find it difficult if the venue is 200 kilometers away. So when you choose the venue, don’t just think about the cost of it, the lighting and good decoration of it, and the beautiful dancing floor it has, but also think about its location. The easier it is for guests to be there, the more enjoyment they will have.

perfect wedding

2.    Food should be best for everyone, not just the couple and close friends
The title says it all. If you are having 200 guests but the food is ordered as per the bride and groom’s wish that might not go so well. The food is very important part of Canadian weddings, it has to look good, taste good, and feel good by everyone. One good trick to make sure EVERYONE is happy about the food, is to order a lot of variety. Don’t get scared when we say “A lot” of variety because it won’t cost a lot. How you can control the cost, and yet order and a lot of variety is simply order less of each variety. For example, instead of ordering 30 pizzas, order 10 pizzas, 10 salads and 10 pastas. What you need to do is “Diversify” the food items to make the most out of it. This will give a lot of options to the guests.

3.    Music
The music shouldn’t be too romantic that no one is able to dance, or too up beat that no one is able to be romantic. There should be a balance when you choose the music. There are many playlists available on YouTube, Sound Cloud and other sites like these that are already created. Use one of them if you can’t do this job yourself.

4.    Volunteers should know what is going on
From Flower Girls Winnipeg to groomsman, everybody should know what is going on. What are the timings, schedules and their tasks and duties? If they don’t know this, they won’t be able to help others.

5.    Everyone should leave happy
What happens is, we pay a lot of attention to what we should do with the couple to make them happy. It is true, that this is their day and we have to make sure that the couple is happy. But the guests are your friends and family, they should feel happy about this too. They should leave with a smile on their face. Greet them and make them feel welcomed.


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